A little about ThinkFest Business Networking & Events

“Businesses tell us that networking is the best way to grow their business but we also know that many people want a different approach to what is currently available and therefore we have developed a number of formats to Network – Learn & Grow

Our Coffee and Natter sessions have been taking place regularly since the beginning of 2015 in Birmingham with gradual expansion to London and Worcester.

The events are usually once a month with the Birmingham event having a permanent date in people’s diaries for the last Wednesday of the month. The events are completely free with coffee or tea, a guest keynote speaker in addition to one of the attendees doing a review of a business book.

However, the emphasis is on always on informality and there is no pressure and people can speak about their own business as an opportunity is given if they wish to take it or just listen and meet others.

There is no need to attend regularly although we find most people enjoy it and do. But there is certainly no pressure to ‘pass’ business or referrals. We know that people are most likely to do business with those that they know, like and trust and this means building relationships in an environment that is not just about instant selling.


The Chutney and Chat is an evening event over a meal with a guest speaker and again open networking. Currently running successfully in Birmingham, and Bradford with plans to run in Manchester, Leeds and London soon. The cost of this event is usually at £19.95 which pays for the three course meal.

Samosa Saturday is womens only networking brand and encouraging sharing and supporting each of the members. There is a guest speaker and usually participation is encouraged wherever possible from the attendees.

Peer Meetup is our brand for a networking with your peers as opposed to conventional networking where attendees are not specific to any particular industry or market. The general idea is to bring people together from a specific industry/sector and the events are more specific and technical with workshop and training sessions for attendees to gain tailored market knowledge. Attendees will also able to meet peers in their industry with a higher success rate of potential collaboration or partnership than any other format including traditional conferences, seminars etc. These events are also free and are usually sponsored.

All our events work on the basis of offline face to face activity as well as regular online and all networking groups have a whatsapp community for constantly sharing ideas, thoughts and assisting each other as a community.

Come along to one of our events, local to your business. We are running a number of events throughout the Midlands, to allow local businesses to network, learn more, find support and get some great business tips along
the way. With leading sales trainers, apprenticeship providers and FREE recruitment specialists, you can learn how to grow to maximise your time and your profits!

10 Reasons why business people attend business networking events:

  • ✪ Many business people like meeting new people!
  • ✪ Most business contacts look for business from a business group/network.
  • ✪ Knowledgeable business people recognise the  need for business networking.
  • ✪ Small business networking provides added value benefits.
  • ✪ The associated low costs of joining a business network are economically attractive.
  • ✪ Many business owners like pitching their services and products to other business contacts and likewise buying from a referred source.
  • ✪ Most business contacts see the benefits of attending a contact network event that has 25 + people.
  • ✪ Many business contacts thrive and exploit the group’s business contact opportunities.
  • ✪ Many business people recognise a face to face meeting is better form of forming a business relationship.
  • ✪ Most business owners consider attending business networks a good investment in time and recommend this to others!

Recent published figures revealed that business networking accounted for 79% of all new business sales. We’d love to see you at our next event. We are running a number of events throughout the year, to allow local businesses to network, learn more, find support and get some great business tips along the way.

Contact Safaraz Ali, Founder of Pathway2Grow   on Telephone: 0121 707 0550