Some one said coffee?

Our Coffee and Natter sessions have been taking place regularly since the beginning of 2015 in Birmingham with gradual expansion to London and Worcester.

The events are usually once a month with the Birmingham event having a permanent date in people’s diaries for the last Wednesday of the month. The events are completely free with coffee or tea, a guest keynote speaker in addition to one of the attendees doing a review of a business book.

However, the emphasis is on always on informality and there is no pressure and people can speak about their own business as an opportunity is given if they wish to take it or just listen and meet others.

There is no need to attend regularly although we find most people enjoy it and do. But there is certainly no pressure to ‘pass’ business or referrals. We know that people are most likely to do business with those that they know, like and trust and this means building relationships in an environment that is not just about instant selling.

  • LEARN and
  • GROW

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